Subsea Pyrotechnic Devices



Pyrotechnic devices can be found in many aspects of everyday life. A few examples include Airbag Initiators installed in cars and Initiators for Fire Suppression Systems and other emergency life saving devices found in commercial and military aircraft. Did you know that pyrotechnic devices can also be found underwater? PacSci EMC designs and manufactures several devices in use by submarines and other underwater applications.

Once such device is our large Cable Cutter. These devices have been qualified to function up to 10,000 ft below water and can cut a variety of target materials. Other features of such devices include redundant initiation, varying blade configurations, and delayed functioning times.

Large Cable Cutter
Cable Cutter
Pyro Valve

Pyro Valves are another example of energetic devices used in water environments. Pyro Valves are used to create pressure to drive a piston to either open or seal off the flow of fuel or gas. They can be found in Emergency Floatation Systems for aircraft and submarines and used to scuttle buoys, torpedoes, and mines.

Many of our standard products can also be modified to function underwater. PacSci EMC manufactures a large variety Canopy Fracturing Systems allowing pilots to safely eject during emergencies.

One such product, called the Underwater Emergency Egress System (UEES), is an example of changes made to a standard product so it can function underwater. This system eliminates the danger of lethal over-pressurization within the cockpit due to water through a combination of replacing various
materials and incorporating innovative design changes.

Other standard products such as Explosive Bolts, Separation Bolts, Small Cutters, Initiators, and
Detonators (to name a few) can also be modified with underwater connectors in order to meet mission objectives.