Remotely Deployed & Man-Portable Vehicle Arresting System

ArrestNet™ deploys a high strength net into the pathway of a target vehicle, allowing the operator the option of Escalation of Force to non-lethally end a pursuit. The portable vehicle arresting system is equipped with barbed spikes that penetrate tires which then causes a high strength net to entangle the front wheels of the vehicle, resulting in a safe and controlled stoppage.


ArrestNet SUV Capture
ArrestNet after capture

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    • Non-lethal vehicle arresting system
    • Man-portable
    • Easily set-up in seconds; No ground anchoring
    • Effective on any terrain
    • Provides Personnel Standoff and Safety
    • Remotely Deployed; System deploys in less than 3 seconds
    • Proven, lightweight, high strength net design
    • Versatile and modular, allowing for net specific applications
  • CHECKPOINTS – Impromptu/mobile checkpoints

    VEHICLE PURSUITS – Pursuit management and termination

    OPERATING POINTS – Control combat operating points

    CONTROL – Entry Control Points (ECP)

    PROTECTION – Asset and force/ Road or Area Denial

  • Deployment System Weight
    ≤ 15.9 kg*

    Package Size
    61 cm x 48 cm x 10cm*

    Remote Operation Range
    30 m*

    Replaceable/Consumable Components
    Gas Bottle

    Carrier/Net Weight
    ≤ 15.9 kg*

    Package Size
    61 cm x 51 cm x 51 cm (Net dependent)*

    Deployed Distance
    ≥ 7 m*

    Deployment Time
    < 3 seconds

    Replaceable/Consumable Components
    Net Assembly / Spike Nest

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When the vehicle arresting system is fired, the gas bottle pressurizes the deployment hoses. Simultaneously, the kicker drives the net and carrier into the roadway laying it down in the path of the oncoming target vehicle. As the vehicle drives over the net, the net is pulled from its folded condition and wraps around the front tires to lock the wheels, thereby arresting the vehicle in a safe and controlled manner. The system can be reused by replacing the pressure bottle and net assembly.