Missiles and Munitions
When Milliseconds Matter™

Missiles and Munitions.

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When Milliseconds MatterTM

Strategic deterrent and missile defense agency programs count on us. As the leading supplier of electronic, laser, and ordnance missile and munition components and subsystems, our product offerings are found on 2.75” rockets to the Standard Missile.

With over 24 years perfecting our laser ordnance initiation system reliability and operational flexibility, our enabling technology for event sequencing ensures objectives are met with the highest reliability possible. Our sequencing solutions help put missiles or munitions on the right track.

Tested. Qualified. Proven.

100% Mission Success

  • Over 100,000 ignition safety devices and flight termination systems delivered
  • Unmatched high reliability across the spectrum from strategic missiles to tactical missiles to munitions
  • Over 65 years of supplying precision energetic solutions and devices for hundreds of programs to the U.S. Armed Forces, the Missile Defense Agency, and global allies
  • 9,000,000+ igniters and counting produced for the Hydra 70.



PacSci EMC will meet your program’s most stringent requirements, whether you are a strategic missile, tactical missile, or munition. We have consistently replaced out of date technology with the most current electronic and laser systems as required for the customer’s needs while maintaining our core ability to provide hot bridgewire CADs and PADs with heritage back to the 1950s.


Rocket Motor Ignition

A rocket or missile doesn’t go anywhere without a motor or engine. PacSci EMC works with you to start your rocket and missile motors and engines with precision, confidence and power.

Separation Systems

At PacSci EMC, we’ve progressively replaced our lead-sheathed linear solutions with environmentally conscious materials, and we’re dedicated to sustainability business practices while still providing the most effective linear explosives to withstand high temperatures and provide the high performance.

Electronic and Laser Ordnance Systems

With over 24 years perfecting system reliability and operational flexibility, PacSci EMC is an industry leader in accurate, effective and safe critical laser ordnance initiation.

Cartridge Actuated Devices (CADs)

Infused with top-notch quality, safety standards and innovation, PacSci EMC provides CADs for all types of military and commercial applications, including aircraft, missiles, space, marine, ground vehicles and oil & gas.

Safe & Arm Devices (SAD)

We help you receive the fire command through safe & arm device initiation mid-flight or through thrust termination event.

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