9 Reasons Why

9 Reasons Why

9 Reasons Why 500 65 PacSci EMC

Top Reasons to Choose PacSci EMC

Why should you choose PacSci EMC for your critical missions and energetic needs?

Long history of mission success

For over half a century, Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) has made critical missions possible. Our energetic materials, devices and subsystems have helped put astronauts, satellites and payloads in space. They have protected countless military and law enforcement personnel. They have enabled missiles to hit their targets. They have reduced the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling. And they have safeguarded commercial aircraft and their passengers.

Unwavering commitment to safety and reliability

Safety and reliability are always our highest priorities. We bring a scientific approach to every project, calculating system reliability through trade studies, mathematical modeling, in-depth analyses and rigorous testing. Our application engineers can identify solution possibilities, weigh them against a number of variables—including mission criticality, space, weight and cost—and calculate reliability scores for each. Many of our materials, devices and subsystems deliver 99.999 percent reliability or better.

Ability to solve unique and challenging problems

Our engineers and program managers relish a challenge, and will work closely with you to solve the toughest problems and meet the most exacting requirements. As a scientific company, we enjoy trying new things through experimentation and testing, often applying existing chemical compounds and energetic devices in new and innovative ways. And we take pride in developing unique and effective solutions for the most complex challenges.

In-house engineering and technical expertise

We bring a range and depth of technical and scientific know-how to every project. With on-staff application engineers, design engineers, modeling and analysis specialists, chemists, and test engineers, you have a wealth of expertise at your disposal. All of our work is based on your unique needs and specifications, and our engineers are available to explain options, considerations and trade-offs, helping you make the best decision for your particular requirements.

End-to-end development capabilities

We can work closely with your team from concept to demonstration to delivery. This includes design, modeling, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, packaging and ongoing technical support. Having a trusted, capable partner directly involved from the beginning of a project to the end helps ensure the resulting product or solution will meet your exact needs and often reduces the time and cost of delivery.

Ability to innovate quickly

When you have a deadline and need a new energetic material, device or solution quickly, we have the design, development and test capabilities for the job. With dedicated engineers, planners, focus factory managers, procurement specialists and program managers—as well as an accelerated design and development methodology—we can turn your concept into a reality in a matter of weeks.

In-house test capabilities

Testing is one of our specialties. Using our advanced test capabilities, we can thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of possible designs against a variety of environmental factors, including vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, altitude, electrostatic discharge, stray voltage, electrical circuit integrity and pressure. Our facilities also include an energetics output test lab, engineering lab, model and machine shop, clean rooms and certified x-ray and metrology labs.

Collaborative approach

Our program managers, engineers and planners work closely with your team to outline requirements, develop a design and perform a variety of modeling and analyses. They maintain constant communication with your team during the development process, and provide ongoing technical support after your solution is delivered.


When human lives and mission success are at stake, you need confidence that every device, every component and every subsystem will work exactly as expected. Many of the world’s leading companies and institutions—including the U.S. Federal Government, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Halliburton, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Airbus, Schlumberger and Google—have trusted Pacific Scientific for their mission-critical needs. Why? Because our materials, devices and solutions are always safe, always reliable and always effective.