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  • January 2019 PacSci EMC receives the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Star award from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The Chandler site for PacSci EMC has achieved certification to VPP Star worksite status by OSHA, reflecting the company’s commitment to safety excellence.  PacSci EMC has long been an industry leader in employee health and safety and a source of safety bench marking by companies across the United States. Read the full press release here.
  • September 2017 PacSci EMC demonstrates first ever successful orbital maneuvers and orbit raising of a CubeSat using a commercial solid rocket motor array. Using its Modular Architecture Propulsion System (MAPS™) technology, PacSci EMC successfully fired a series of solid rocket motors to both point and significantly change PACSCISAT’s orbital velocity. The MAPS system provides fine slewing and pointing attitude control in all three axes and a robust orbit raising capability with greater than 50 meters per second of delta V in a 1U form factor. Read the full press release here
  • August 2017 PacSci EMC successfully completed propulsion technology tests with its on-orbit technology demonstrator satellite, PACSCISAT, on August 1, 2017. Over the past month of continuing on-orbit operations in a 515 km, sun-synchronous, polar orbit, PacSci EMC successfully passed built-in-tests (BIT) on both its primary and redundant Smart Energetics Architecture (SEA™) sequencing system and devices and fired Modular Architecture Propulsion System (MAPS™) rocket motors. MAPS precision impulse rocket motors changed PACSCISAT’s orbital velocity and altitude exactly as predicted by orbital models. Read the full press release here
  • July 2017 PacSci EMC Competes on National Stage as NASA iTech Innovation Competition Finalist. PacSci EMC recently participated as a finalist in NASA’s second iTech Forum, competing to have their innovative idea selected as one of the top 10. Read the full press release here
  • June 2017 PacSci EMC proves new technologies on demonstrator satellite. PACSCISAT establishes flight heritage for new technologies used in all phases of commercial space flight. Read the full press release here PacSci EMC has completed the successful launch of our company-owned demonstrator satellite. Launch of PACSCISAT seeks to establish flight heritage for new technologies used in all phases of commercial space flight. Read the full press release here
  • March 2017 PacSci EMC announces new compact SmallSat propulsion system for the small satellite market. The new Modular Architecture Propulsion System (MAPS™) significantly reduces satellite integration time and delivers precise performance in orbit. Learn more here
  • January 2017 PacSci EMC and partner, Pyroalliance, win contract for space satellite constellation project. RUAG Space AB chose PacSci EMC to supply the Payload Release and Sequencing System to deploy a satellite constellation system. Read the full release here
  • November 2016 In mid-November, Fortive Corporation held its first Worldwide Operations Summit with the purpose of sharing best practices and application of Fortive Business System (FBS) tools to improve business performance across the entire corporation. This year, Jim Lico, Fortive President & CEO presented several awards for the Best and Most Improved Plants across all of Fortive’s operating companies, with PacSci EMC receiving 2016 Best EHS Program – Chandler Operations. Working together and committing our actions to Safety First, Quality Every Time™, we remain committed to an injury-free workplace.
  • July 12, 2016 Houston, Texas –Earlier this week, the Houston Police Department (HPD) and multiple Houston-area news agencies witnessed a demonstration of the highly efficient and innovative NightHawk® system which can be used to aid in a safer, more successful termination of vehicle pursuits. The NightHawk system was developed by PacSci EMC to ensure police officer and public safety during vehicle pursuits. The NightHawk deployed from its stowed position, successfully deflated all four tires of the target vehicle and then retracted to allow plenty of time for the pursuit car to get through with no harm or damage – all in less than four seconds. Learn more here
  • March 9, 2016 Chandler, Arizona –Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) announced today the safe capture of a felony vehicle using the company’s NightHawk® system. The NightHawk was deployed by the Winnebago County (IL) Sheriff’s Office during a 15-minute pursuit. According to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, in late February, 2016, PacSci EMC’s NightHawk was an essential tool in ending a felony pursuit. The suspect had several law enforcement agencies on a 15 minute pursuit. We were able get out ahead of the chase and remotely deploy and retract the NightHawk device for a safe stop and successful arrest. The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) covers 519 square miles of Northern Illinois in Winnebago County. This was the first time WCSO deployed the NightHawk system and it worked exactly as planned, keeping their officers safe and out of danger. WIFR TV 23 in Rockford, Illinois recently interviews Winnebago Deputy Chief Scott Meyers regarding the new technology, known as NightHawk, developed by Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company. Excerpt from WIFR: Innocent local lives lost while suspects run police, it’s happened several times… and now Winnebago County Sheriff’s deputies are some of the first in the nation to try to stop it from happening by using new technology; technology you’d expect to see in a James Bond movie. “For officer safety, you really can’t get much better,” Winnebago Deputy Chief Scott Meyers said. With a push of a button it could save lives. “Officers nationwide have been injured and killed trying to deploy Stop Sticks and they get hit by the suspect’s vehicle or other traffic.” Press Release: Winnebago County Sheriffs Office uses NightHawk to capture felony suspect.
Below you will find a list of 2018 events where we will either be in attendance or where we will set up a display.
Event Name Booth # Dates Location Website
Security & Policing Exhibition Z33 March 6-8, 2018 Farnborough, UK Security & Policing
AUSA Global Force Symposium #909 March 26-28, 2018 Huntsville, AL AUSA Global Force
34h Space Symposium #437 April 16-19, 2018 Colorado Springs, CO Space Symposium
Space Tech Expo May 22-24, 2018 Pasadena, CA Space Tech
Eurosatory C-398 June 15-11, 2018 Paris, France Eurosatory
Small Satellite Conference TBD Aug. 4-9, 2018 Logan, Utah Small Sat
AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition #9227 Oct. 8-10, 2018 Washington, DC AUSA Annual
SAFE Symposium TBD Oct. 15-17, 2018 Orlando, FL SAFE
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