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Why should you choose Pacific Scientific for your critical missions and energetic needs? Let us count the ways.

See how Pacific Scientific can provide technical guidance and help you choose the best course of action in this new capability brief.

Whether you need to replace a legacy energetic material no longer commercially available or have an application requiring new or modified chemicals, PacSci EMC can help.

When you have a deadline and need a new energetic material, device or solution quickly, PacSci EMC has the design, development and test capabilities for the job.

What are Pacific Scientific’s x-ray capabilities? What quality level can we achieve? Do we use film or digital radiography? Get the answers in this new x-ray FAQ.

Contemporary pyrotechnic devices are exceedingly safe and dependable, delivering benefits that electrical, mechanical and cold gas solutions can’t match.

Safety: When you’re working with flammable and explosive substances, there’s no margin for error. At PacSci EMC, our safety practices and programs are the best of the best.

PacSci EMC uses a variety of methods to calculate system reliability, including trade studies, mathematical modeling, in-depth analyses and rigorous testing.


RDX loading density of greater than 98% TMD (3) created conditions for recrystallization of RDX (from released occluded cyclohexanone) into large crystal structures.

Failure investigation identified decomposition of Nitrocellulose/Nitroglycerine (NC/NG) double base propellant used in Bulls eye propellant.

This paper reviews technical literature on experiments and applications of wave mechanics to shock wave propagation, and establishes a unique method for analyses.

Explosives which detonate and propagate at velocities greater than 1000 m/s, are high explosives and include the secondary explosives RDX, HMX, HNS, DIPAM, TETRYL, DATB, TATB, PETN, TNT.

Our Piston Actuators, Cutters, Pin Pullers, Pushers, Thrusters and Retractors depend on the active stroke of an internal rod/piston to induce or control the motion that helps achieve mission-critical goals.

PacSci EMC, in conjunction with chemists at NSWC-IH and elsewhere, has developed DBX-1, an environmentally friendly (Green) primary explosive.

Energetic materials with enhanced thermal stability are crucial for several commercial applications, including oilfield exploration and completion operations with high thermal stability in more extreme environments.

Lead styphnate (LS) is a primary explosive widely used in ordnance systems as a component of initiation trains. These applications include non-corrosive percussion primers, stab initiated devices, bridgewire initiated compositions, and detonators.

Tetrazene (1-amino-1(1H-tetrazol-5-yl)-azo-guanidine hydrate) is widely used in ordnance systems as a sensitizer of primer mixes for use in both percussion and stab applications.

A 3-dimensional structural analysis of propellant grains in a gas generator during its ignition event using explicit dynamic method was conducted in this study.

An output closure is a critical component of a pyrotechnic igniter. It controls the heat transfer duration of initiation train, stress loading on the propellant grain, and the pressure drop during closure deployment.

An ordnance device typically is composed of several components that are initiated sequentially where reliability is critical to its performance. Read more to understand the mechanisms involved and to achieve a high reliability.

Interested in knowing more about how composite materials can be implemented into energetic devices? Our own Richard Davis presented to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics his research and analysis on the subject.

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