Pyrotechnic & Energetic Time Delays

Ranging from milliseconds to minutes.

Experience Ranging from Deep Sea to Deep Space.

PacSci EMC is known as the leading supplier of time delay products for aircraft, launch vehicle payload deployment systems and the oil & gas industries.  We can leverage over 50 years of experience across multiple industries to design a solution for you.

Precise. Consistent.

  • Delay times controlled from as low as 30 milliseconds to minutes
  • Delay times tailored to meet mission requirements
  • Electronic delay time tolerances < +/- 5% across operating temperature ranges of -65F to +225F
  • Outputs can range from detonating to deflagrating or gas output
  • Hermetically sealed for optimal service and shelf life
Our Expertise

Our products are ideal for applications requiring high reliability in demanding conditions.  They are designed to meet the various industry specifications including MIL-STD-810, MIL-C-83124, DOD-E-83578A and RP 67 as examples.

Our Commitment

Knowing many of our products are critical to life saving systems, we are dedicated to providing the highest reliable products and advancing our technologies to meet the needs for future systems.

PacSci EMC designs and manufactures a variety of Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) time delay fuses ranging from 6 to 10 minutes with detonating or pressure outputs. Our time delays work in high-pressure, high-temperature environments (HPHT), with temperatures ranging from 435°F for 200 hours up to 450°F for 100 hours. We also have versions of our time delays available up to 475°F for 24 hours.


Pyrotechnic Time Delay ETD Pyrotechnic Time Delay


Tubing Conveyed Time Delay

CLCP Time Delay Fuse v1

Pyrotechnic & Energetic Time Delays