Whether you are deploying on rails, racks or stacks, simplify and expedite your satellite workflows the integrated SEA™ Network way.

SEA Network removes the common wiring barriers by combining key functionality into one, easy-to-use, adaptable and integrated solution.

The low power, SEA sequencing system is capable of firing hundreds of pyrotechnic devices with microsecond repeatability and sub-millisecond sequencing. It can be used to deploy solar arrays, scientific instruments and many other devices used on satellites and spacecraft.

  • Command up to 48 addressable devices per system
  • Each device can be status’d and deployed separately
  • Program pre-scripted or on the fly sequences
  • Fire any combination of devices simultaneously
  • <1ms timing and simultaneity
  • Safe by wire technology
  • Highly reliable & safe
  • Flight proven in extreme environments
  • Configured for redundancy

Smart Energetics Architecture (SEA™) bus-driver chip architecture enables interchangeable, independent multiple bus configurations minimizing Smart Initiator spares required and improving workflow. Additionally, the SEA controller can actuate non-pyro devices such as non-explosive actuators (NEA), motors and various other devices. Our sequencing system includes:

Interested in our Satellite Payload Adapter SEA™ Network?

The most tailor-able secondary payload adapter sequencing network, designed for every flight configuration.

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  • 3 independent inhibits including independent arming line
    RS 422 or other standard interface protocols
    Tailorable message

  • STARS allows for the releasing SmallSats and CubeSats in precise orbital slots for perfect mission control. Our sequencer, with SEA bus, prevents inadvertent firing with very high-reliability operation. Each system is fully customizable to fit the specific architecture of the satellite. SEA Buses are distributed symmetrically around the main structure to provide simultaneous commands for balance.

    Each system includes:

    • Smart Initiators, NSI -500
    • SEA Controler/Bus
    • HRM and/or separation nuts
  • Our electronic-pyrotechnic event sequencer is an excellent choice for satellite deployment, satellite subsystems and payload actuation

  • Arm:

    • Capacitor SEA charge command received – CRC must be correct to recognize the command
    • Enable SEA command received – CRC must be correct
    • SEA Bus – electrical state (“analog condition”) correct
    • Independent Hardware Enable line – Active


    • SEA fire command received – CRC must be correct
    • SEA Bus – electrical state (“analog condition”) correct
  • Easy Integration

    Precision Deployment

    High Reliability

    Highly Configurable
    Permits firing of ordnance devices in any sequence – single, multiple simultaneous or sequential

    Ground Initiated Release

    Configured Safety Embedded
    Requires both an analog and digital condition to be met



Smart Bus Controller

Smart Initiator