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Satellite Deorbit & Precision Re-Entry.

Powered Modular Architecture Propulsion System

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Powered Modular Architecture Propulsion System


P-MAPS Full Assembly

U.S. Government Orbital Debris Mitigation Standard Practices (USGODMSP) and other agencies call for satellites to either deorbit within 25 years of mission completion or maneuver to a storage orbit. Most SmallSats do not contain propulsion to comply with these standard practices or maneuver to improved orbits after separation from the launch vehicle. Satellite owners now have an option for onboard propulsion AND deorbit.

Powered Modular Architecture Propulsion System (P-MAPS™) provides a fully powered module to assist with decommission and/or deorbit of a satellite. P-MAPS enables SmallSats and CubeSats to comply with 25-year lifetime restrictions in orbit.

P-MAPS includes a self-contained power supply, ADCS and UHF receiver, providing reliable power to deorbit in the event of satellite power loss. With all the same performance features as MAPS™ (precise and repeatable impulse bits initiated with hermetically sealed, clean burning, solid propellant with no propellant tanks, valves, fittings, heaters or thrusters) and without any compromise to the satellite design by fitting into unused satellite volume. With our standby power unit, should satellite power supply malfunction, P-MAPS will continue to perform planned decommission and deorbit objectives.

With P-MAPS, you no longer need to decide between not launching vs. accepting a launch schedule which extends well past the lifetime of the satellite.

Our independent propulsion and decommissioning/deorbit & precision re-entry system streamlines the final phase of a satellites’ mission, reducing system complexity and cost of operations. A controlled descent by P-MAPS, an independent and autonomous system, will quickly and safely dispose of a satellite in a controlled manner, freeing up the orbital slot for a replacement, even in the case of satellite failure.

P-MAPS will provide the necessary end-of-life maneuvers should the satellite malfunction, with an inherited 0.9999 reliability.

P-MAPS operates independently from the on-board satellite systems, offering full ground control

P-MAPS is a minimal impact plug ‘n play system, integrating with ease and without compromising the intended satellite design and purpose

Safe Ignition
Complies with MIL-STD-1576 regarding inadvertent initiation

Fully plug ‘n play system may be customized to integrate and accommodate large mass and volume

Meeting current international space debris regulations including ECSS, NASA and MIL standards for post-mission restrictions

Should the satellite encounter a major malfunction, P-MAPS will deorbit your satellite


P-MAPS: a fully powered module, UHF receiver and Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)



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