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Remote, Retractable Spike Strip With NightHawk®

NightHawk Stop Stick Tire Deflation Device

When your mission is to immobilize a wide range of vehicles, NightHawk provides a safe, cost-effective, reliable and proven option. Our remote spike strip is portable, lightweight and safely keeps officers out of harms way.

How NightHawk Works

The NightHawk® enables law enforcement officers to launch and retract spike strips using a wireless hand-held remote control, up to 100 feet away from the “danger zone”. NightHawk utilizes a gas generator cartridge similar to the ones used in automotive safety restraint systems. The gas generator cartridge is contained in the launch tube assembly that propels a weighted sack (called a Drogue) across the roadway. As the Drogue is launched, it pulls a Nylon sleeve containing 10 “STOP STICKs® each Stop Stick is 15” in length, onto the roadway and the path of an oncoming target vehicle. The deployment action is accomplished in less than two seconds. After the suspect vehicle has passed, the hand-held remote button is activated, causing a small electrically powered winch to pull the spike strip out of the roadway, in less than two seconds*.

Nighthawk offers law enforcement or other agencies the ability to remotely deploy and retract spike strips, providing additional security and safety. The Nighthawk provides the ability for an officer to retreat to a safe distance and remotely launch the spike strip across the roadway to engage the target vehicle while also providing the ability to remotely retract the spike strip to ensure the pursuing vehicle will pass safely.

Where PacSci EMC NightHawk Can Be Found

NightHawk is currently being used by law enforcement agencies across the country, from Police to Sheriff departments. The spike strips in the NightHawk device are a standard Law Enforcement issued product that have been tried and tested in the field for over 20 years. These spike strips have been proven to be a successful tool during Law Enforcement pursuits and very effective in deflating tires of target vehicles.

For more product information or to set up a demonstration, please contact lawenforcement@psemc.com or for immediate assistant call (888) 995-5658.

  • Replacement launch tubes can be purchased for as low as $175 each. And like manually thrown spike strips, damaged sections need replacing.

Performance CharacteristicPerformance Level
Weight Complete≤ 30 pounds (13.6 kg)
Case Dimensions20″ x 9″ x 15″ (approx. 508 x 228 x 381 mm)
Deployed Distance≥ 24 ft
Deployment TimeLess than 2 seconds
Retraction TimeLess than 2 seconds
Wireless Operation Range*Up to 100 ft (FCC ID: RSJNIGHTHAWK2-1)
Frequency Hopping902 – 915 MHz
External Battery CheckCapable
Replaceable/Consumable ComponentsLaunch Tube, STOP STICK®
Drop Shock Test3 ft drop
VibrationUSCAR-24 Passenger Vibration 5-1000Hz, 3.053gms
Operational Temperature Range0F to +150 F (USCAR-24)
Rain Exposure (closed)Meets requirements IEC 60529, IP 51

NightHawk Case Profile.


For more product information, please contact lawenforcement@psemc.com or for immediate assistant call (888) 995-5658.

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