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Thru Bulkhead Initiator (TBI).

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Thru Bulkhead Initiator

(TBI, Rocket Motor Initiator)
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Through Bulkhead Initiator

We offer an entire array of Thru Bulkhead Initiator (TBI) that can be used for initial system activation, signal transmission, signal transfer or changes in signal medium type. We design mechanical, hot gas pressure and detonation initiation with single or redundant features – either explosive loaded or inert. If your needs require it, an internal time delay element can be added for sequencing requirements. Our TBIs are nonelectric initiators which require a detonation input to transfer energy through an internal bulkhead. The primary function of the TBI is to propagate sufficient energy through this integral bulkhead to then initiate a detonation or deflagration at the output end of the device. The initiator’s internal bulkhead is designed not to breach. Typical applications for these units are in rocket motor and gas generator ignition where it is critical to maintain a pressure tight seal after functioning.

How A Thru Bulkhead Initiator WorkThrough Bulkhead Initiator red

A TBI is an initiation device that utilizes a shock input stimulus where the TBI donor charge initiates and transfers a shock wave through an adjacent structural bulkhead with sufficient intensity to cause the initiation of a receptor charge on the opposite side of the bulkhead. The TBI provides a detonation or deflagration at the output end of the device without breaching the bulkhead which is designed to provide a pressure containment barrier post functioning.

What A PacSci EMC Thru Bulkhead Initiator Can Do

The bulkhead is intended to provide a structural barrier to prevent loss of pressure of downstream elements of the end item application. TBI outputs can be configured to fit the needs of any application by varying the design of the booster downstream of the receptor charge.

Where Our Thru Bulkhead Initiator Can Be Found

Through Bulkhead Initiator Technical iiiThe TBI, also known as a bulkhead initiator, is used in Arm/Fire devices, solid rocket motor ignition and applications where it is critical to prevent loss of pressure of downstream elements of the end item. The through bulkhead initiator is generally used where complete sealing is needed between explosive elements after firing.

Our TBI designs are qualified and used as a rocket motor ignition component on multiple launch vehicle platforms including NASA’s Titan II GLV. We has also created a TBI adapted for use in deep underground application where high temperature performance is critical.

For product specific questions or to obtain a Data Sheet, please email space@psemc.com or for immediate assistance call (888) 995-5359.

Performance CharacteristicPerformance Level
Input StimulusShock Input
– FCDC (equiv. 1 grain HNS)
– Detonator
OutputDeflagration – Tailored peak output pressure performance in 10cc closed bomb
Detonation – 0.017-inch dent depth in Aluminum witness plate
Ignition Time≤ 10 milliseconds
Operating TemperatureDesigns with operating temperature down to -65°F and up to 400°F
Leakage (pre-function)Designs that comply with 1 x 10-6 cc He/sec at 1 atm
Pressure Containment (post function)Designs to withstand up to 25,000 psig
Applicable SpecificationsMIL-STD-1901A

Any Thru Bulkhead Initiator can be customized to fit many customer envelopes.

Through Bulkhead Initiator Technical ii

Through Bulkhead Initiator Technical i







Many features such as the input interface, thread, length, output, and other features can be customized to meet many applications.

Additional questions? Please email space@psemc.com or for immediate assistance call (888) 995-5359.

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