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Pyrotechnic Gas Generators.

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Pyrotechnic Gas Generator

Rapid & Reliable. When it comes to separation safety, there is no room for error. PacSci EMC’s gas generators are a gas-producing pyrotechnic device – initiated by electro-explosive or mechanical percussion devices and ETLs.

How Pyrotechnic Gas Generators Work

Gas Generators (pressure cartridges) use pyrotechnic mixtures to produce hot gas for a multitude of applications. They can be mechanically, electrically or laser initiated. Upon receipt of an input stimulus, the propellant in the gas generator will ignite, emitting heat, hot particles and/or gas at a controlled rate to provide the necessary input to the next level assembly. PacSci EMC can tailor a design by incorporating propellant grains of various geometries and associative hardware features to meet needed pressure vs. time gas delivery requirements.


Used to pressurize and/or actuate flight control surface systems, they are also known as start cartridges, typically provide gas flow to spin a turbine as part of the starting sequence for turbojet engines. They may also be used to provide actuation pressure to control the rate of mechanical movement in mechanical actuation systems.


PacSci EMC designs and manufactures gas generators which are qualified and used on various military, commercial, and aerospace platforms including: space launch vehicles and multiple missile platforms.


  • All-Fire

    4.5 amps for 10 milliseconds minimum ( .999 reliability at 95% confidence )

  • No-Fire

    1.0 amp / 1.0 watt for 5 minutes maximum

  • Operating Temperature

    -54°C to +71°C

  • Burn Time

    With the application of the All-Fire current, Generators are tailored to produce gas delivery at application specific pressure / time requirements.

  • Function Time

    With the application of the All-Fire current, Generators will begin to generate hot gas within 50 milliseconds.

  • Applicable Specifications

    Qualified to


Gas Generator geometric interface features and performance can be customized to fit many customer envelopes/applications.

Pyrotechnic Gas Generator Technical Envelope


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