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Pressure Cartridges have their greatest utility generating high rates of pressure force for a short period of time. Displacement devices such as pin pullers, normally open or closed valves, thruster and separation bolts utilize this device. In several ejection seats pressure cartridges are utilized as an initiator for propellant charges. Pressure cartridges are adaptable to the requirements of your system for different pressure output to accomplish specific events. PacSci EMC’s 103377 series has over 400 variations utilized in a wide range of aerospace and defense platforms. Our 817444 series cartridge has become a standard within the ejection seat community to initiate other explosive devices because of its high reliability and robust design.

1 amp / 1 watt current applied for five (5) minutes

All Fire
3.5 amps minimum

Operating Temperature
Typical -65°F to +200°F

High Temperature Exposure
+225°F for 12 hours, fired properly

Low Temperature Exposure
-80°F for 12 hours, fired properly

Range from approximately 0.20 – 0.60 lbs. (dependent on explosive weight utilized)

Function Time
Pressure Cartridge: <10 ms maximum at 5 amps

Electro-Static Discharge Resistance
No-fire upon applications of 25,000 volts from a 500 Pico farad capacitor between pins and from shorted pins to case with a 5,000 ohm resistor in a 5 micro Henry total inductance series circuit

Bridgewire Resistance
0.90 – 1.30 ohms each bridgewire

Insulation Resistance
100 Megohms minimum at 500 VDC for all pins to case

Hermetic Seal
< 1×10-5 cc/second air at a pressure differential of 1.0+ 0.1 atmosphere

6 & 40 foot drop tests
Units didn’t fire upon impact.

Half sine, 200 g’s; one shock each direction each axis

10-2000 Hz, Composite 12.3 grams, 2 hours/axis, Composite 9.09 grams, 30 minutes/axis

32g longitudinal axis, 16g transverse axes, duration 5 minutes

Pressure Cartridge Specific

  • Output: Qualification Units 817444, 500psig and 103377 series 1600 + 200 psi in a 100 cc bomb.
  • 6 foot drop also functioned normally when initiated.
  • High Temperature Environment: No cook off at 250°F
  • High Temperature Exposure: No adverse effect at 225°F, fire properly
  • Salt Spray: 5% Sodium Chloride solution + 95°F for 48 hours
  • Acoustical Noise: 160 + 3 dB, 8 minutes duration


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