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Oil & Gas Industry Perforating Products

Drill down to what’s important for oil & gas companies and one of the leading challenges is finding better ways to increase the yield of oil and gas wells. To do so requires cost efficient production of oilfield tools capable of operating in high temperature and high pressure environments.

As a global leader, PacSci EMC manufactures a line of energetic oilfield equipment that oil field service companies have come to recognize as the industry standard. Our products are noted for their reliability and innovation supporting Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) wireline perforating and a variety of other oilfield tool operations.

As a recognized oilfield equipment manufacturer, our products range from initiating oilfield perforating tools to time delayed sequencing of events to detonating other explosives with percussion-resilient devices. Our products are an integral part of the leading oil service providers Tubing Conveyed and Wireline perforating tools which are aimed at providing a pathway through the wells casing and into the hydrocarbon bearing formation bringing oil and gas into the well and up to the surface.

Energetic materials with enhanced thermal stability are of interest for various commercial applications. For example, oilfield exploration and completion operations, specifically perforating systems, have a need for explosives with higher thermal stability as those operations move into more extreme environments.

PacSci EMC oil and gas industry solutions have proven effective in high temperature (320°F to over 450°F) and in high pressure environments (in excess of 25,000 psi). We are constantly researching, developing and introducing eco-friendly products to replace traditional heavy metal based material and mitigating harmful byproduct effects.

Green Det™

Our Green Det is a low energy, RF-Safe, Reactive Semiconductor Bridge (RSCB) technology with a lead free energetic and small package size for easy drop-in to any wireline perforating system.  View Green Det details.

Green Energetic Time Delay Fuse (CLCP)

Improving operating efficiency, reliability and safety with reduced environmental impact is a big challenge. We met that challenge with a lead azide-free six-minute time delay for our tubing conveyed perforating (TCP) product line. This 6-minute pyrotechnic time delay fuse provides time manipulation of down-hole pressure and detonation and incorporates CLCP, a cobalt-based energetic, which has demonstrated high reliability in our wireline exploding bridgewire (EBW) products. View 6-Minute Pyrotechnic Time Delay Fuse details.

For more product information, including a datasheet, please contact oilandgas@psemc.com or call (844) 737-3464 for immediate assistance.

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