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NightHawk System | Portable Spike Strips

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Our new retractable police spike strips use a lightweight, portable design enabling faster deployment and is safer, smarter and more accurate than traditional hand-thrown spike strips:

  • Remotely launched and retracted
  • Spike strips inside
  • Zero debris left on the roadway
  • Reliable in all weather conditions

The world’s first remotely launched and retracted police spike strips stop vehicles faster, better and safer. Easier to maneuver than hand-thrown units, NightHawk’s dual-button remote operates up to 100 feet away while deploying a string of spike strips, keeping your officers safe and out of harm’s way. And fast: Less than two seconds to deploy and the same for retraction, NightHawk is THE answer for vehicle pursuit termination systems.

NightHawk is the cost-effective and safe solution for vehicle pursuits.*

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  • Weight Complete
    ≤ 30 pounds (13.6 kg)
  • Case Dimensions
    20″ x 9″ x 15″ (approx. 508 x 228 x 381 mm)
  • Deployed Distance
    ≥ 24 ft
  • Wireless Operation Range*
    Up to 100 ft (FCC ID: RSJNIGHTHAWK2-1)
  • Frequency Hopping
    902 – 915 MHz
  • Vibration
    USCAR-24 Passenger Vibration 5-1000Hz, 3.053gms
  • Rain Exposure (closed)
    Meets requirements IEC 60529, IP 51
  • Deployment Time
    Less than 2 seconds
  • Retraction Time
    Less than 2 seconds
  • External Battery Check
  • Replaceable/Consumable Components
    Launch tube, spike strips
  • Drop Shock Test
    3 ft drop
  • Operational Temperature Range
    0F to +150 F (USCAR-24)


Utilizing spike strips, NightHawk revolutionizes traditional manual deflation methods with remotely launched and retracted spike strips that executes in seconds flat. NightHawk tire deflation devices are designed to meet the diverse situations, policies and requirements of law enforcement in pursuit intervention. NightHawk systems stop pursuits or prevent them from starting, quickly, safely and effectively.

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*After initial NightHawk spike strip system purchase.

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