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Laser Initiated Ordnance System.


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Laser Initiated Ordnance System
Laser Initiated Ordnance Systems (LIOS) provide fiber optic guided infrared radiation pulses to safely and reliably initiate many types of explosive and pyrotechnic output devices—deflagration, detonation, ignition, pressure and gas generators. LIOS systems provide microwatt level built-in-test capability (less than 1% of the no-fire power). Built-in test (BIT) is implemented by detecting a partial reflection of the power returned over a separate fiber. A positive BIT indication is certain evidence of the integrity of the firing fiber and connection to the ordnance device. The units are compact and lightweight and have a lesser power demand than electromechanical or all electronic solutions. Ordnance devices can be located remotely from the Laser Firing Unit (LFU) using strong, lightweight fiber optic cables allowing the system exceptional installation flexibility. Typical initiation times are less than 1 millisecond and the systems are highly immune to electrostatic discharge and radiation.Our LIOS systems use fiber optic-coupled high-power laser diodes that are readily source-able and as such experience very few obsolescence concerns. The systems are EMI In-sensitive due to the patented Radio Frequency Attenuating Couplers (RFACs) and Faraday cage design. The system is low voltage and does not require complex or exotic electrical components beyond the Laser Diode.

LIOS systems represent the safest possible initiation with built-in test capabilities. They are lightweight, have low power demand, and can have nearly unlimited distance between the fireset and ordnance devices. Laser optics are inherently immune to EMP, EMI, Nuclear Radiation and ESD. Initiation energy interruption is also available.

Our LIOS systems are currently in production and used on defensive missiles to defeat unfriendly missiles with warheads. LIOS supports the critical mission of engaging and destroying in flight, with precision, high-speed ballistic missiles.

Firing Power Output
Minimum 500 milliwatt, typical >1 watt

Pulse Duration
10-13 milliseconds

Built in Test Power Output
<100 microwatts

Operating Temperature
-54°C to +71°C

Applicable Specifications
Compliant with MIL-STD-1901B


Available in multiple adaptable configurations. Geometric interface dimensions and features can be customized to meet the customer applications.

Laser Initiated Ordnance System Firing Margin

laser initiated ordnance system configuration



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