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Impulse Cartridges are highly reliable pressure cartridges for users requiring a consistent output for their countermeasure, external stores release or other type applications. Our cartridges are designed to meet critical elements for counter measures such as precise exit velocities to ensure a chaff or flare is able to ‘distract’ an incoming threat from an actual aircraft. The amount of powder is critical to ensure consistent performance from cartridge to cartridge. We maintain all powder weight to ± milligrams. For stores release, especially in an emergency, time is of the most importance and initiation first time every time is paramount. Our cartridges reach within milliseconds to the initiation signal with an output sized to ensure release of the external item (i.e. fuel tank, load winch hook, cable cutter, etc.)

The bridgewire welding and final closure is performed to exacting tolerances. These superior statistical process controlled (SPC) manufacturing procedures assure the user of reliable and consistent performance far exceeding existing specification requirements. Performance parameters assure consistent and reliable flare ejection in the field. The low variances in performance measurements are a result of SPC manufacturing and tight control materials quality.

4.25 – 4.35 amps DC for 15 – 15.5 msec

1 amp/1 watt through bridgewire circuit for 300 ± 3 seconds

Post Fire Circuit Resistance Shall be greater than 500 ohms 50 msec post application of 4.5 amperes when ejecting a projectile with a source voltage of 28 – 30 VDC

Electrostatic Discharge Cartridge shall not fire, dud or degrade when subjected to an electrostatic discharge from a 500 ± 25 Pico farad capacitor charge to 25,000 ± 500 VDC through a 5,000 ± 250 ohm resistor pin-case mode

Bridge Firing Circuit Resistance Shall be 1 ± .15 ohms when measured at +77oF ± 11oF

Filter Measured output voltage shall be less than 56 Mvolts, peak to peak with an input of sine waveform at 1. + .1 megahertz for 10 msec through 47 ± .47 ohm resistor .25 watt to a 1 ± .15 ohm load resistor

Cook Off Cartridge shall not fire when exposed to a temperature of +275oF minimum for 1 hour minimum

Temperature – Non-Operating
-65°F to +185°F

Temperature – Operating
-40°F to +185°F

Hermetic Seal
£ 1 x 10-5cc/sec of air when measured at a pressure differential of 1 atmosphere



Failure investigation identified decomposition of Nitrocellulose/Nitroglycerine (NC/NG) double base propellant used in Bullseye propellant.

This occurred during temperature cycling where the temperature was held at +95°C (+203°F) for 16 hours.

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