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Green Energetics

High-performance. Reduced environmental impact.

Product Description

When it comes to energetic materials, you know that an environmental impact is inevitable. Our Green Energetics take impact into consideration.

Developing Green Energetics

After all, it’s the nature of the work you do with detonators, primers, ignition devices and pyro train elements each day. And although “greener,” lead-free energetic solutions with less impactful disposal and detonation methods have recently emerged on the market, they aren’t always as effective at delivering the results you require to produce at high volume and stay competitive.

We’ve spent two decades engineering alternatives to existing lead azide and lead styphnate materials that don’t just meet industry standards for cost-effectiveness and efficiency—they exceed them, in both defense and commercial applications.

Green Energetics
Key Features

Key Features

Lead Azide Replacements

DBX-1 is a copper-based drop-in green energetics replacement for all variants of lead azide (LA) with potential to replace DXN-1. DBX-1 has energetic characteristics that our industry has been trying to duplicate for the last 50 years.

All variants of lead azide (LA), including RD-1333, Dextrinated Lead Azide, and PVA have been widely used in ordnance systems for many years. Nearly all chemical detonators use LA as the initial shock wave-generating compound for proper detonation of subsequent main explosive charges.

In the literature.
“New Study on Lead-free Primary Explosives – DBX-1 is a suitable drop-in replacement for lead azide in a variety of ordnance applications whereas…”

We completed an 8020.5C military qualification program in 2009. DBX-1 was successfully evaluated against LA in many products across the spectrum of defense and commercial applications. Other companies (including several DoD organizations) utilizing LA evaluated DBX-1 in a variety of applications with very positive results.

We synthesize DBX-1 in 100-gram batches for use by government and industry. Future scale-up to 1 Kg and beyond is underway with support from the US Army and commercial organizations.

Lead Styphnate Replacements

Lead styphnate (LS) is a primary explosive used in ordnance systems as components in defense initiation trains. These applications include non-corrosive percussion primers, stab initiated devices, bridgewire initiated compositions, and detonators, and is used in nearly all commercial primer applications as well. Lead styphnate has been widely used in ordnance systems for many years.

PacSci EMC completed an NAVSEAINST 8020.5C evaluation testing on an LS green energetics replacement, KDNP (4,6-dinitro-7-hydroxy benzofuroxan, potassium salt. Based on the results, Naval Sea Systems Command qualified KDNP as a primary explosive in accordance with the requirements of NAVSEAINST 8020.5C and identified the compound safe and suitable for service use, and qualified for weapons development.

In addition to qualification testing, KDNP (U.S. Patent 8,062,443 for use in Lead Free Primers) successfully evaluated LS performance in a variety of applications. KDNP has compatibility equal to – or greater than – LS with a variety of ordnance materials and has substantially greater output on a weight basis in pressure-time (closed bomb) testing. KDNP may be recrystallized to a particle-size, appropriate for use in a variety of systems to be tailored for use as either a small particle component of a bridgewire slurry or a large particle constituent of a stab primer.

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