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Hipel 710 Propellant.


HIPEL 430 51-7935-3 LN73726 20X B

Hipel 710 Propellant is a readily ignitable propellant mixture. The mixture is sensitive to ignition by flame, heat, friction, impact or electrostatic discharge. When ignited, the mixture burns producing heat, flame, hot gasses and hot particles. Hipel 710 offers a long shelf life and high stability. Since it is a simple composite propellant, it has less volatile contaminants than other available gun propellants.

As a core gun propellant (bore hole formation sampling), with high stability, improved shelf life and benign environmental impacts, Hipel 710 is well suited for use in the oil & gas market.

Hipel 710 has a long history of use by a leading provider of oil & gas services.

Operating Temperature
360°F for 12 hours

Deflagration output of 1215 +- 40 calories / GM

Shelf Life
10 Years when stored unopened in original packaging



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