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Heat Powder.


Heat Powder 51-2717-2 LN74012 80X A
Heat Powder 51-2717-2 LN74012 40X A
Heat Powder 51-2717-2 LN74012 20X A

Heat Powder was developed as the pyrotechnic source in thermal batteries. It is a mixture of iron and potassium perchlorate (FE/KClO4) that is blended using a proprietary process to ensure consistent and reliable calorific output. It is available in a variety of compositions to meet the specific requirements of the application and formulated with special raw materials to provide fast ignition times, good ignition sensitivity, good pellet strength, and a long shelf-life.

Used in thermal batteries as both the electrolyte and the heat source, because of the stability of the material, these batteries have a long shelf life with no degradation. Once the powder is activated the battery provides powder for the required application. Our heat powder is designed with high burn rates for rapid activation of the battery and to provide low/no gas along with high pellet strength in order to maintain the mechanical integrity of the battery.

Originally developed with Sandia to replace zirconium/barium chromate and also to improve on storage life, mechanical properties, and ignition speed. The material can also be tailored to meet the required customer specific needs.

No/little Gas Generation

Dimensionally Stable After Ignition

Easy Ignition

Excellent Long Term Stability

Consistent Calorific Output

High Burn Rate

Good Pellet Strength



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