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Modular Architecture Propulsion System (MAPS™).

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We understand launch vehicles, space vehicles and delta-V.

Based on your CONOPS we can advise:

  • The amount of total impulse you will need to get to your orbital position
  • The minimum impulse-bit you will require
  • The thrust levels of the rocket motors in MAPS
  • The amount of propellant you need to complete your mission

We know what it takes to operate and maneuver in space. Hence, we’ve developed a bolt-on, plug’n play Modular Architecture Propulsion System (MAPS™) allowing you to:

  • Efficiently maneuver your space vehicle to the desired orbit
  • Accomplish rapid collision avoidance or orbit adjust maneuvers with adjustable thrust levels
  • Perform drag makeup operations

We also know you’ve spent a great deal of time, money and effort to build your satellite.

To ensure your mission goes as planned, we’ve designed our system for CubeSats, SmallSats, and small Launch Vehicle upper stages.

MAPS Satellite Propulsion System

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