DBX-1 Primary Explosive

DBX-1 is a primary explosive designed to function as a drop-in replacement for lead azide. It’s produced from copper(II) and sodium 5-nitrotetrazolate and it’s chemical name is copper(I)
5-nitrotetrazolate. DBX-1 was discovered and developed at
PacSci EMC.


DBX-1 Primary Explosive
Key Features Specifications

Key Features

Why We Like It

One of the best things about DBX-1 is that has no toxic or environmentally undesirable elements (like lead) that are used during manufacture, use or disposal. Because of this, DBX-1 is a great alternative to lead azide (LA) which presents a wide range of toxicity related health and safety issues. DBX-1 offers a “green” alternative to lead azide, and was designed to have physical and chemical characteristics, including output performance, sensitivity and thermal stability, that are nearly identical to those of lead azide. However, several DBX-1 characteristics that make it superior to LA:

Has a better compatibility profile with other EM’s and ordnance components than Lead azide
Does not decompose in non-hermetic systems like LA
Does not dead press at high loading pressures
May be shipped wet under 2-propanol


How You Should Handle It

DBX-1 is a very sensitive primary explosive and should be handled in the same way that lead azide would. It is very low friction, impact and ESD sensitive and is a point detonant.

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