1,000,000+ Initiators designed and delivered

Capitalize on demonstrated reliability and proven safety. You’ll find us on space launch vehicles, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and the oil and gas field. We’re flying from Blue Origin to Virgin Galactic and from Boeing to Raytheon

All of our pyrotechnic initiators include tailored features such as output pressure values, rise times, ranges of current levels for no-fire, all-fire, maximum function times to initiation or peak pressure, dent depth, temperature rating and more, to meet just about any mission.

Defining High Reliability.

  • Four nines is the demonstrated reliability for the PacSci EMC heritage initiators.
  • Confidence Level: 95% Demonstrated Reliability*: 0.999956
    *probability to function based on testing completed in-house
    (DLAT, Qualification or Delta-Qualification)
  • Reliability Predictions; 0.999’s or greater at 90% confidence level; exceeding established military standard and specification requirements

Space Standard Initiator

NASA Standard Initiator

Product Description

Our Space Standard Initiator’s critical purpose is to translate electrical stimulus into a pyrotechnic action or train and it has been designed to meet or exceed the performance requirements of the original NASA Standard Initiator Specification drawing SEB 26100001. Like the NASA Standard Initiator (NSI), ours is also a two-pin electrically activated, hot wire+ electro-explosive designed to meet the requirements of all space missions, from lunar to Mars and beyond.

In mission-critical space and defense applications, our Space Standard Initiator provides a fast-acting, small-package energy source for converting electrical signals to a gas pressure output or high temperature flame and hot particles. Our initiator has an excellent safety record. Inadvertent activation is prevented by its 1-amp/1-watt 5 minute no-fire capability and high resistance to stray energy (transients, radio frequency, electromagnetic) as well as electrostatic discharges.

Our 103377-500 initiators are commercial and include a standard Certificate of Conformance*.

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