Pyrotechnic Cord Cutter & Wire Cutter

Cord Cutter

Designed to cut within milliseconds, our pyrotechnic cord cutter is used to sever single wires or simultaneously sever bundles of electrical wires. Not to mention the ability to cut Kevlar™, Vectran™ and Zylon™

Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD)

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An Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD) is used to provide safety critical energetic systems (flight termination, solid rocket motors, warheads etc.) initiation on command, when commanded.

Pyrotechnic Pin Puller

Pyrotechnic Pin Puller 108719 108842 2-501670-1 836101-1

A pyrotechnic pin puller is a device used to activate latch releases, release locking pins or move mechanisms to perform work and a variety of applications. Our compact, pyrotechnic pin puller delivers precision movement on command, securing or releasing a variety of payloads.