Separation Bolt

Separation Bolt v1 2-502420-1 2-502470-1

A pyrotechnic separation bolt is a bolt designed to fracture at a specific, pre-determined separation point at precisely the right time. The bolt will experience intentional mechanical failure resulting in the planned separation and with contained debris output. Separation bolts are activated by pyrotechnic inputs, such as initiators or pressure cartridges. 

Pyrotechnic Bolt Cutter & Rod Cutter

Bolt Cutter

A pyrotechnic bolt cutter, or rod cutter, is a device with a blade which will precision cut a bolt or rod set against an anvil at a specific time. These usually contain an initiator, a chisel shaped cutter blade, a blade positioning shear pin and an anvil in a cylindrical housing.

Pyrotechnic Tube Cutter

Tube Cutter

A Pyrotechnic Tube Cutter opens pressure diaphragms or completely severs and then seals metal tubes of varying diameters and wall thicknesses carrying pressurized fluids.  The tubing cutter/sealer is used to cut and seal two stainless steel (which can be Teflon lined) tubes.

Pyrotechnic Cable Cutter

Cable-Cutter v1

A pyrotechnic cable cutter uses a blade and anvil to sever the toughest of cables or wires with precision on command. They are designed to cut both solid and multiple stranded wire within 20 milliseconds of initiation. One variant of this device severs a solid 0.033” diameter stainless steel spring wire in less than 20 milliseconds.

Pyrotechnic Cord Cutter & Wire Cutter

Cord Cutter

Designed to cut within milliseconds, our pyrotechnic cord cutter is used to sever single wires or simultaneously sever bundles of electrical wires. Not to mention the ability to cut Kevlar™, Vectran™ and Zylon™

Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD)

ESAD 854183-01 854521-01 857794-01

An Electronic Safe and Arm Device (ESAD) is used to provide safety critical energetic systems (flight termination, solid rocket motors, warheads etc.) initiation on command, when commanded.