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Proud to support lunar, planetary and deep space missions.

Businesses within the Space industry consistently rely on PacSci EMC products for the most critical functions. Our products have served both manned and unmanned missions from Voyager, Space Shuttle, and Mars Rover to the more recent OSIRIS REx. Our proven and trusted technologies have performed in extreme environments. From man-rated to unmanned, our design capabilities are highly adaptable. With our legacy flight experience and 0.999+ and higher reliability you can count on performance from our product portfolio, whether it’s custom-engineered for your mission or an off-the-shelf solution.


Networked Ordnance Sequencing

Reliable. Efficient

PacSci EMC's sequencer offers an efficient and low power pyro alternative to launch and manage spacecraft. Our system offers a weight and power advantage over other traditional pyro firing systems.


Safe & Arm Devices

On Command. When Commanded.

Our Safe and Arm devices are trusted the world over. And for good reason.



Precision. Qualified

For separation and release, you can depend upon our guillotines and cutters to precisely and accurately release your payload. Whether they be satellites, antennas, solar arrays, sun shields, or any instrument deployment (TAGSAM on OSIRIS REx for instance), the release will be clean, precise and accurately deployed.

Helping Achieve Mission Success

Whether it’s pyrotechnic and safety devices or electronic and laser ordnance firing systems, our innovative solutions are crafted to align with your unique business needs by boosting productivity, reducing unnecessary maintenance and ensuring safety and reliability – and help your team achieve mission success.


The low-cost, qualified off-the-shelf solution.


Cutters, guillotines, pin pullers, actuators (pin pushers and thrusters), pyro valves, frangible nuts, explosive bolts (sep bolts), separation nuts (release nuts)


Mild Detonating Cord, FCDC, rapid deflagrating cord, SMDC, high pressure SMDC, FDC, FLSC, RDCTL, XTA


Sequencing, attitude control, deorbiting and propulsion.


Rocket motor igniters, HBOI’s and ROFI’s along with gas generators and time delays


eISDs, mini AFDs, OSAs and SADs

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