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Orion REx Satellite

When reliability counts

to function your CubeSat, SmallSat or large satellite, depend upon our engineering to support your mission.

Simple yet robust and reliable. Your mission success is ours.

We understand the importance of developing and delivering the safest, most reliable products in the world. Leveraging on these strengths, we have developed innovative sequencing and propulsion products for use on SmallSats. We’ve been supporting SmallSats from Explorer I to SMAPS to the recently launched OSIRIS REx. Utilizing our leap ahead technology leveraged from previous flight experiences, we offer cost-effective dispensing options, satellite propulsion and lower life cycle costs.

Helping Achieve Mission Success

The game-changer in SmallSat propulsion is the ability to control orbital attitude and planes, extending the time in space and managing the deorbiting sequence. This enables the expansion of a satellite’s use and maximizes mission objectives. Climbing to an orbit, staying in an orbit for a longer period of time and then re-entering the atmosphere without pressurized tanks, bulky valves, or neutralizing cathodes is the intention of PacSci EMC’s commercial space innovations.

CubeSat Sequencing
Reliable. Efficient.

Satellite Sequencing

Our satellite sequencer offers an alternative to launch multiple satellite payloads into constellations, providing a weight and power advantage over traditional pyro firing systems.

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SmallSat Constellation Release

Lightweight. Affordable.


We offer the ability to control orbital attitude and planes, extend time in space and deorbit, without pressurized tanks, liquid propellants, valves or heaters.

Payload Fairing Separation
Precision. Qualified. Proven.

Large Satellites

Reliable release mechanisms used for solar array, antenna, gimbal and spacecraft separation