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Leverage the PacSci EMC heritage

60+ Years of Experience.

PacSci EMC is known as a leading supplier of incredibly reliable products to the Space industry. Our products are used in multiple launch vehicles, spacecraft and satellites.

As we continue developing new products for space applications, we consistently apply our knowledge in creating solutions across a broad range of space experiences. We look forward to achieving even greater success in today’s, and tomorrow’s, critical missions.

Proven. Trusted. Innovative.

  • 0.9999 reliable
  • Over 1,000,000 initiators shipped
  • Multiple platforms including military, manned and commercial Space
  • Breadth of products ranging from launch vehicle ignition to satellite propulsion and deorbit
  • Highly adaptable product portfolio


The depth of our expertise includes the design and manufacturing of a variety of products serving both manned and unmanned space exploration missions, as well as, satellite missions. PacSci EMC products reliably serve every critical event of the space mission profile, including:

  • Ground Support
  • Lift Off/Main Engine Start
  • Solid Rocket Booster Jettison
  • Main Engine Cut Off
  • Stage Separation
  • Flight Termination
  • Payload Adapter
  • Payload Fairing Separation
  • Payload Devices
  • Deorbiting
  • Divert & Attitude Control

Our experience is demonstrated through our collaborative working relationships with government and commercial space companies
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We are dedicated to advancing our technologies to meet the needs of the government and commercial space industries, providing reliable and affordable solutions.



We provide a full suite of Cartridge Actuated Devices (CADs), which have been a part of every successful launch into space.


Our initiators and electro explosive devices are mission critical, when working the first time is the ONLY option.


We’re dedicated to sustainability business practices while still providing the most effective linear explosives to withstand high temperatures and provide the high performance that thousands of customers have come to rely on.


Truly extraordinary: next-generation, safe firing and control systems that enable rapid and repeatable ignition, unit health monitoring, and lower system weight and energy requirements for pyrotechnic events.


PacSci EMC – with our extensive lab capabilities, world-renowned chemists, and ability to meet extremely tight performance parameters – leads the way in the design, manufacture, and delivery of PAD energetic materials across the globe.


PacSci EMC is the world’s leading supplier of Safe and Arm Devices (SADs), Arm Fire Devices (AFDs), and Ignition Safety Devices (ISDs).


Providing safety critical components and subsystems for space and missile flight termination systems.


PacSci EMC uses a variety of methods to calculate system reliability, including trade studies, mathematical modeling, in-depth analyses and rigorous testing.

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What are Pacific Scientific’s x-ray capabilities? What quality level can we achieve? Do we use film or digital radiography? Get the answers in this new x-ray FAQ.

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RDX loading density of greater than 98% TMD (3) created conditions for recrystallization of RDX (from released occluded cyclohexanone) into large crystal structures.

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