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Trusted for 30+ years within the Oil & Gas industry.

Wireline Perforating

Perforate safely

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Thousands of perforations worldwide.

Trusted for 30+ years within the Oil and Gas industry, PacSci EMC designs and manufactures RF Safe detonators & Addressable Communications for Wireline service providers worldwide. PacSci EMC has supplied wireline products and service to meet your needs for over 25 years, applying our in-depth expertise to your unique wireline operation goals and helping you operate safely and efficiently.

Helping Achieve Mission Success

Our wireline products are designed to safely operate in high RF areas. Our solutions offer high reliability and enhanced job site safety to help your team achieve mission success.


Wireline Perforating Works

Wireline (or electric line) is the most common method for perforating wells, and is achieved by lowering or pumping the perforating guns down-hole and then initiating the sequence via electric line. This provides simple, quick depth control and selectivity along with reduced safety risks of personnel and equipment. Multiple intervals, which can be widely separated, can be perforated in a single run.


Exploding Bridge Wire


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