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Law Enforcement.

NightHawk™ Spike Strip | ArrestNet™ Vehicle Arresting System | Tec Torch

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Reduced Risk.

Just as there’s no “gray area” when it comes to the law, there’s no room for uncertainty with your law enforcement technologies, such as the tire deflation device in high-speed pursuits. When you need to stop a vehicle, you need better, safer solutions for arresting the pursuit and getting your officers out of the danger zone quicker.

Proven Reliability.

  • Used in Tactical and Strategic DUI operations
  • Utilizes Stop Sticks® (hollow Teflon® coated quills act as valves, releasing air at a safe, controlled rate)

Immobilize vehicles, add value and protect assets with PacSci EMC’s energetic solutions, such as our innovative remote spike strip.

All for as low as $175 per launch.


Meet the needs of law enforcement and military programs by providing enhanced capabilities and solutions utilizing our energetic technologies while saving lives.


The world’s first remotely launched and retracted spike strip stops vehicles faster, better and safer.

ArrestNet Rolled

Remotely deployed, man-portable vehicle arresting system.


Why should you choose PacSci EMC for your critical missions and energetic needs? Let us count the ways.

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Unique product requirements and application needs present a number of options. See how Pacific Scientific can provide technical guidance and help you choose the best course of action in this new capability brief.

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When you have a deadline and need a new energetic material, device or solution quickly, PacSci EMC has the design, development and test capabilities for the job.

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