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Uncommon Bird, Packed with Safety Features

For most people, piloting a helicopter, or even flying in a helicopter, is uncommon. For those who do pilot or fly in a helicopter on a regular basis, the feeling is very unique.  But what many don’t know about is all the safety features packed into a ‘bird’.  PacSci EMC provides many of those safety features through pyrotechnic devices for both commercial and military helicopters.  We are the designer, qualifier, manufacturer and field support of several different devices initiating and functioning safety systems on today’s modern helicopter. Our experience, reliability and collaboration with government and contractors is demonstrated by the sub-systems and components in platforms flying PacSci EMC products today.

Helping Achieve Mission Success

Whether it’s fixed wing or rotary, our innovative solutions are crafted to align with your unique needs by boosting productivity, reducing unnecessary maintenance and ensuring safety and reliability – and helping your team achieve mission success.

Helicopter Emergency Egress System
Proven & Reliable

Emergency Ground Egress Systems

Known as the pioneer and industry leader of Ground Emergency Egress on helicopters utilizing our Canopy Fracturing System technologies, we provide everything from initiation to the final severance of the window and door acrylics, opening a safe escape route from a distressed helicopter. Our pioneering efforts continue with are recent qualification and acceptance of the Underwater Emergency Egress System (UEES). This allows the aircrew to initiate the system, even when the cockpit is full of water.

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201906 Helicopter event sequencing
On Command, When Commanded.

Event Sequencing

We provide an all ordnance or electronic (digital) sequencing of events. Our ordnance devices, when connected as a system, offer a reliable and proven explosive train of events. We have a long history of reliable and successful aircrew rescue from distressed fixed wing and helicopter airframes.Recent advancements in electronic (digital) technologies and when coupled with our electro-explosive smart initiators and detonators, we provide a fast digitally based sequence set of events.

Helicopter Fire Suppression
Precision & Qualified

Fire Extinguishing Cartridges

The leading manufacturers of fire suppression systems for fixed wing and helicopters use our electro-explosive pressure cartridges and detonators to initiate and open fire suppressant bottles. Our reliable devices on helicopters extends beyond the engines including Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and Gear Boxes. The cartridge opens the closure on the bottle allowing free flow of the suppressant to the affected area.

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Helicopter Payload Release
Rescue Winch, Cargo Hoist & Pylon Mounted

Payload Release & Deployment

Our electro-explosive cartridges and devices unlock hooks, sever cables, and separate locking mechanisms to release or deploy mission critical or unstable payloads. Critical payloads like missiles, munitions or relief supplies initiate or release quickly and reliably with our designs ensuring mission success. If the payload is unstable or unsafe, our devices act within milliseconds of receiving an electrical input. The offending payload’s release is quick and definite, no longer posing a danger to the helicopter, its aircrew or passengers.

Helicopter Emergency Flotation System
Precision & Qualified

Flotation System Initiation

Flying over water, have confidence with our industry leading cartridges for initiating flotation bladders and systems. Instead of reinventing the wheel with each application, PacSci EMC utilizes proven technologies, adapt to new platforms and maintain the level of reliability required of safety systems.
Our devices can remove a closure, mechanically or use of an energetic output, allowing air to flow into the inflatable device reliably and quickly.

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Helicopter Test and Training
Platform & Field Support

Test & Support

We not only offers our design and manufacturing expertise resulting in reliable hardware but also test, platform and field support. We write Installation & Inspection Manuals, offer on-site test support, training of your associates on our products and on call for safety and maintenance anomaly encountered in the field. Our commitment is to ensure customers never have a doubt that when our products are required they function first time every time, without question.

Test & Support Services

  • Training
    • Safety & Handling
    • System/Component Installation & Inspection
  • Detailed Installation & Inspection Manual
  • Sub-System & Component Functional Testing & Support (Set-up, Function, Video/Photo, Instrumentation, et.)
  • On-Site Support
    • Installation & Removal
    • Test (i.e. Sled, Static, Development, etc.)
  • Sub-System & Component Anomaly Evaluation