We design + build

emergency safety

sub-systems & components.

65+ years of expertise. Safety-driven & dependable.

Our Expertise.

We are the designer, qualifier, manufacturer and field support of CADs, PADs, EEDs, electronics and linear products in today’s’ modern aircraft safety systems. Our experience, reliability and collaboration with government and contractors is demonstrated by the sub-systems and components in platforms flying PacSci EMC products today.

Thousands of pilots & aircrew rescued.

Our products ensure the proper initiation and operation of aircraft safety systems including Emergency Escape, Canopy Fracturing, Fire Extinguishing, Load Release, Flotation, Underwater Escape and Countermeasure sub-systems and components. These reliable and fast acting products ensure the safe recovery of aircrew and passengers.

Our Commitment.

Our dedicated team applies the most advanced technology providing the safest and most reliable sub-systems and components in aircraft today.

Our products meet the requirements of JSSG-2010-3, MIL-C-83124, MIL-C-83125, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-882, MIL-STD-1472 and MIL-HDBK-781 and multiple customer SOW’s and specifications.

Crew Ejection Systems

Emergency Escape Systems

Providing emergency ground, in-flight sub-systems and components for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. This includes: escape system initiation, canopy, transparency and hatch removal, event sequencing and seat ejection cartridges.

Ground Egress
In-flight Egress
Ejection Seat

Ejection Seat Cartridges
Fire Extinguishing Cartridges Commercial Air

Fire Extinguishing Cartridges

Rapid and fast-acting, our cartridges are qualified to MIL-DTL-23659 and MIL-D-21625C for Type III service release. These qualifications allow you to operate with complete confidence and focus on the mission at hand.


Fire Extinguishing Cartridges
Cargo Winch Emergency Release

Rescue Winch & Cargo Hoist Emergency Release

With a long history of reliability, our emergency release initiators have proven themselves whether your mission is military, government or cargo.

Cargo Winch Release
Emergency Flotation System Rescue

Flotation System Initiation

Fly with confidence with our initiating flotation systems ensuring aircrews safely return.

Fixed wing

Emergency Float System
Rescue Hoist Emergency Release

Payload Release & Deployment

Providing the means to release mission-critical devices including missiles, weapons or the jettison of a pylon or fuel tank in the event of an emergency.

Fixed wing

Payload Release & Deployment
Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned Support Systems

Accurate & Reliable. Delivering support services with unrivaled flexibility and capability, our specialized portfolio of capabilities that can mean the difference between failure and certain success for your mission.

Engine Start
Flight Termination Systems
Panel/Door Removal

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Support
Countermeasure Initiation Cartridges


Accurate & Reliable. Reliable initiation of chaff and flare devices that provide unrivaled protection of helicopter, transport and fighter aircraft.

Fixed Wing

Countermeasures Initiation
Blade Out Test Support

Test & Support Services

Providing testing or support services for any of the Emergency Escape and Safety Systems previously discussed, we have the staff and facilities to assist.

Pyrotechnic Aircraft Sled Test and Support