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Thousands of pilot and aircrew rescued using our products

65+ Years of Expertise.

PacSci EMC products ensure the proper initiation and operation of aircraft safety systems including Emergency Escape, Canopy Fracturing, Fire Extinguishing, Load Release, Flotation, Underwater Escape and Countermeasure sub-systems and components. These highly reliable and fast acting products provide the confidence to ensure the safe recovery of aircrew and passengers.

Safety-driven. Dependable.

  • 45+ fixed and rotor wing aircraft safety systems worldwide utilize our products
  • New inert products replace explosive loaded devices which increase both shelf and service life, as well as safety and handling functions, enabling the reduction of Net Explosive Weight and explosive component quantities
  • Reliability Predictions; 0.999’s or greater at 90% confidence level; exceeding established military standard and specification requirements


PacSci EMC is the designer, qualifier, manufacturer and field support of the CADs, PADs, EEDs and linear products in todays’ modern aircraft safety systems. Our experience, reliability and collaborative working relationship with government, prime fixed wing, and rotor aircraft contractors is demonstrated in the number of safety systems we influence. Our product lines are found in the following aircraft market segments (mouse over to learn more):


Our dedicated team designs and applies the most advanced technology providing pilots, aircrew and passengers the safest possible exit from any aircraft in an emergency.

Our products meet the requirements of JSSG-2010-3, MIL-C-83124, MIL-C-83125, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-882, MIL-STD-1472 and MIL-HDBK-781 and multiple customer SOW’s and specifications.



Cartridge Actuated Devices

We provide a full suite of Cartridge Actuated Devices (CADs), which have been a part of every successful launch into space.


Electro-Explosive Devices

Our initiators and electro explosive devices are mission critical, when working the first time is the ONLY option.


Explosive Transfer Lines (ETLs)

We have embraced our global leadership role to progressively replace our lead-sheathed linear explosives with environmentally conscious materials.


Propellant Actuated Devices

PacSci EMC – with our extensive lab capabilities, world-renowned chemists, and ability to meet extremely tight performance parameters – leads the way in the design, manufacture, and delivery of PAD energetic materials across the globe.

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