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Innovative Energetic Materials Solutions

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F-22 Raptor

PacSci EMC products ensure the proper initiation and operation of aircraft safety systems including Emergency Escape, Canopy Fracturing, Fire Extinguishing, Load Release, Flotation, Underwater Escape and Countermeasure sub-systems and components.

Just as there’s no “grey area” when it comes to the law, there’s no room for uncertainty with your tire deflation device in high-speed pursuits. When you need to stop a vehicle, you need better, safer solutions for arresting the pursuit and getting your officers out of the danger zone quicker.

Police car lights close up. A group of policemen on the background.
F-15 Eagle aircrafts fire AIM-7 Sparrow missiles at a tactical air-launched decoy over Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, July 16, 2006, during exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2006.

With over 24 years perfecting our laser ordnance initiation system reliability and operational flexibility, our enabling technology for event sequencing ensures objectives are met with the highest reliability possible. Our sequencing solutions help put missiles or munitions on the right track.


PacSci EMC is a trusted industry partner with over 30 years of oil and gas experience. Our focus is developing and delivering products that ensure the proper initiation and operation of tubing conveyed & wireline perforating guns.

Texas Shale Oil at Dusk w/ Cranes
You are go for launch. With PSEMC.


PacSci EMC is known as a leading supplier of incredibly reliable products to the Space industry. Our products are used in multiple launch vehicles, spacecraft and satellites.

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