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Unique product requirements and application needs present a number of options. See how we can provide technical guidance and help you choose the best course of action in this new capability brief.

When you have a unique product requirement or application need, or when your current solution is no longer viable—for supply, performance, reliability or other reasons— three options are at your disposal:

1. Purchase an existing product
2. Customize or modify an existing product
3. Create a new product from scratch

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PacSci EMC) can be your technical partner that helps you evaluate all three options and determine a course of action that will best meet your specific needs.

This often starts with a phone conversation with our application engineers about your objectives, requirements and specifications. Our engineers can offer technical guidance and will examine our extensive portfolio of products, devices and materials to determine possible solutions. This typically leads to additional discussions of available options, tradeoffs and timelines. Once a course of action has been determined, we can move quickly to customize, create and/or test a product for your application.

All of our work is based on your unique needs and specifications, and our technical staff is available to explain the considerations and help you make the best decision for your particular requirements.

Once a course of action has been determined, we can move quickly to customize, create and/or test a product for your application.

Cases in point

  • Creating a new design, modifying existing hardware

An oil and gas company was experiencing problems during oil well production and needed a new device that could deliver a significant amount of energy in a short amount of time—while fitting within an existing assembly design. Speed of delivery was critical, and lead time is typically 20 weeks for new product concepts and application designs. Pacific Scientific deployed a cross-functional team that was able to create a concept design, modify existing hardware and build, test and deliver the prototype in four short weeks.

  • Finding and testing an off-the-shelf solution

An aerospace and defense organization needed an explosive bolt that could survive a variety of challenging environments. We worked closely with the project team to understand the technical requirements and then identified an off-the-shelf explosive bolt that could potentially perform as needed. However, the bolt had not been previously tested for the specific environments required by the application. Our team recommended—and is conducting—additional qualification testing, which will invariably be much faster and more cost effective than creating a new explosive bolt from scratch.

Different approaches, different benefits

  • Customize / Create
  1. Meet specification exactly, without compromise
  2. Utilize the latest technologies, materials and techniques
  3. Increase competitive advantage
  • Buy
  1. Faster time to market
  2. Lower cost
  3. Manufacturing scalability

About PacSci EMC

For nearly a century, PacSci EMC has made critical missions possible. Our energetic materials, devices and subsystems have helped put astronauts, satellites and payloads in space. They have protected countless military and law enforcement personnel. They have enabled missiles and munitions to hit their targets. They have reduced the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling. And they have safeguarded commercial aircraft and their passengers. From concept to demonstration to delivery, our engineers work closely with customers to solve the toughest challenges and meet the most exacting requirements. And our explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics are always safe, always reliable, always effective.