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We Build Extraordinary Teams for Extraordinary Results

Extraordinary is an interesting word to me.  Quite honestly – it’s always seemed to me like one of those words that is just illogical.  Something that is ordinary is – well, ordinary, or commonplace.  Adding an “extra” to the concept of ordinary has always seemed to convey it’s something that is – well, still kind of ordinary.  But the strict definition of the word is this:  “beyond what is ordinary, usual; exceptional in character”.  This core value is yet just another that reflects our DNA as a Fortive company.  We recognize that our employees are indeed our most valued asset, and that we “win” by having the best people on our team.  On the surface, this concept seems pretty easy to understand, right?

Allow me to provide my own, more in-depth view of this core value.  While there is certainly no doubt in my mind that we’re recognized as the premier supplier of energetic mission-critical solutions because of the dedication of our outstanding employees, there are some subtleties here worth discussing….but the key words I think we need to focus on here are these:  TEAM and RESULTS.

Notice that this core value doesn’t read “We Build Extraordinary (Engineers) (Program Managers) (Assemblers) (insert your title here) for Extraordinary Results.”  Everything we talk about within our culture is based on the concept of team.  Whether it’s participating in kaizen, or bringing some new innovation into the marketplace, or going to gemba to learn how our customers use our products – it’s all based on the concept that we don’t do this alone.  Even when you think about great examples of using various tools in the Fortive Business System tool box – such as Policy Deployment or Problem Solving, the best outcomes are always those achieved when a team of engaged employees are involved.  A key part of our culture is based on being TEAM-ORIENTED as opposed to INDIVIDUAL-ORIENTED – we are not only driven to win, but we win more often, with involvement by all.

An important aspect of being team-oriented also means that we are accountable to other team members for our results.  I discussed in a separate post about our results-driven culture as it relates to customers and shareholders – but easily one of the most tangible aspects of being results-driven happens every day as you go about your daily work within your own teams.  We count on every team member to give their best effort in order to deliver extraordinary results.  When you don’t give your best effort, or you don’t honor commitments to get a work assignment done on-time – you’re letting down your team members who do their part.

While we’re briefly discussing results, I do think it’s helpful to mention goal-setting as well within our culture.  Here at PacSci EMC and within Fortive, we set tough goals for ourselves.  We don’t settle for much else besides winning – and simply put, most of us that do well here hate to lose.  But simply hating to lose doesn’t tell the whole story of who we are.  We look at every win and every loss as a learning opportunity to provide insight as to how we can perform even better the next time, and what we need to do differently tomorrow to consistently win.

Sports analogies get used in the business world often, and that’s for good reason.  As an example, baseball teams win the title of World Series Champion, not individuals.  Just as an engineer has different skill sets and expertise as compared to an assembler or accountant, so does a shortstop from a pitcher or a catcher.  All of these specialized skill sets come together on the playing field – each using their individual talents at their assigned position (or standard work in our language) – on the playing field to deliver winning results for the team.  A collection of superstars that doesn’t respect each other or doesn’t honor their commitments to one another seldom wins – but a team that’s committed to mutual respect for each other and giving nothing less than their best effort always wins….that’s a winning team by most every measure!

As I’ve said numerous times throughout these posts, being a member of a winning team isn’t always easy – but it should be fun!  I think we do a pretty good job of celebrating the numerous victories we have here as a team at PacSci EMC.  I’ve been a part of many celebrations – from achieving special months of 100% on-time delivery in Chandler to the Most Improved EHS program (2013) in Hollister, and numerous other accomplishments.  Celebrating victories and cheering each other on as we also go about continuously improving…that’s what makes our culture extra-special, and it’s one of the reasons PacSci EMC and Fortive have performed so well.

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