Safety First, Quality Every Time™

At Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company (PSEMC), we understand that moving your business forward means focusing on the big picture. That’s why we’ve developed solutions that meet your business goals.

Come visit us at the AUSA Global Force (Winter) Symposium – Booth 523 – March 31, 2015 – Huntsville, AL

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Tasked with protecting our communities and minding the bottom line, PSEMC offers industry-leading and award-winning vehicle arresting and breaching solutions. Because when it comes to security, you don’t have time for maybe.

Oil Rig, Land-based

Oil & Gas

Miles beneath the earth’s surface, you don’t have the luxury of second chances. That’s why PSEMC has developed and perfected energetic solutions to ensure that you get the job done – and keep the work flowing.


Whether it’s emergency escape systems or flotation deployment, devices on your aircraft must deploy on-time and on-point, every time—no exceptions. From assembly to execution, PSEMC helps to ensure your aircraft’s safety.

Largest rocket in the world being test fired


At PSEMC, we work to ensure your complete safety and 100% mission success. From event sequencing to separation to hold down and launch, our missile products are driven by safety and rooted in reliability every step of the way.



From ground service to interplanetary space flight, your room for error in space is non-existent. At PSEMC, we develop innovative solutions to meet your production goals – each and every time.

PSEMC Presents to AIAA

Interested in knowing more about how composite materials can be implemented into energetic devices? Our own Richard Davis presented to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics his research and analysis on the subject. Click the arrow above to download the whitepaper.

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